Fresh Step

Cat owners do not have the luxury of letting their pets outside to go to the bathroom.  Unfortunately, they keep the litter box inside, causing some not-so-pleasant odors.  Cat owners may be concerned about having company over and making sure that litter-box smell doesn’t scare them away. 

The ad does a good job of targeting cat owners.  Who else would have a problem with a smelly litter box in their home  if they did not own a cat?  The strategy of the ad was to say that this litter is so good at eliminating the odors, that the cat can’t even find its own box.  The ad copy says “Cats everywhere are having a hard time smelling their litter boxes.” 

The tactic used in this ad was definitely done by showing the cat needing to “go” very badly.  If a customer does not own a cat they would probably just pass this ad up without thinking twice.  Cat owners would stop and read and discover there is a solution to those bad odors.  The ad is clearly targeting cat owners, not just any pet.

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