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One of the newest ways for advertisers to reach their target audience is in-game advertising. Posting a brand inside the game allows the player to be exposed without any extra effort. Games are played by people who are into specific things (sports, violence, or puzzles) and ads can now target those specific people. Also online games give advertisers flexibility to change the ads seen. So in the winter maybe a cold remedy will be an in-game billboard while in the summer Coke takes it over. There are many options available to advertisers when dealing with in-game advertising and it is an expanding idea.

In the past brands used to create their own games for people to play. Although, who would spend $20 on a McDonalds racing game, when they can get a “real” racing game- where they can drive tricked out Ford Mustang.

Even though some gamers believe the ads are a nuisance and will eventually take over games, many believe ads add to the reality of the games. In real life everywhere you go there are ads, so why not make games more real by adding the ads. This is a great way for advertisers to reach a specific audience, who has otherwise been hard to get. Also it is easy to choose specific game to advertise in based on the games content, because the game already has a specific audience.

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