The things in life I wouldn’t want to afford.

“Take pictures of the clothes and accessories you own and take pictures of the ads in Vogue. Select a trend to get a personalized look then buy the items you love.” Due to the fact that my camera phone didn’t feel like cooperating with me when taking this picture, I took the liberty to type out the blurry words under the phrase ‘It’s all how you wear it.’

I found this advertisement in the March issue of Vogue. Vogue is a high-end fashion magazine that displays seasonal fashions of the highest quality. The demographics of this magazine, from what I’ve observed, are young, rich and predominately white females. These women prefer the highest quality of life. From dressing in the most elegant and stylish clothing to eating the most exquisitely delectable foods chased with finely-aged wines; vogue readers are either women aspiring to get into the fashion industry or extremely fortunate to have abundant wealth.

This advertisement is for a new “app” that can make it easier to pick, match and purchase outfits from the Vogue magazine. The strategy of this advertisement is simple: How to enjoy more convenient shopping through your Apple iPhone. Placing three prominent and successful names in the fashion industry (Longchamp, Michael Kors, Giuseppe Zanotti) in the pictures being viewed on the iPhone was a great idea. What woman, who could actually afford the clothing in this magazine, wouldn’t want it easier to buy, buy and buy some more! 

“Visa Gold is my best friend EVER!” – Vogue Enthusiast

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