Rogaine For Men

 This specific ad targets middle-aged men who are losing their hair.  Someone I am definitely not.  The ad shows the middle-aged man with hair and his father, without hair.  The ad does a very good job of targeting middle-aged men and it is clearly and ad for men. 

The copy of the ad tells readers that there is a way to grow your hair back and look younger again, giving him that attractive feeling.  The ads targets those who think hair loss is hereditary and tells them that even if your father or grandfather lost their hair, you can still have hair now and later on in life.  The strategy was to tell customers that by using this product you can have things your father didn’t. Like hair.

At the bottom of the ad it says Rogaine is “Stronger Than Heredity.”  I thought this was effective because when someone hears that something in their family is heredity they automatically think they are going to have whatever it is.  Rogaine expresses that this can beat hereditary hair loss.  So a man does not need to worry about his father losing hair, because with Rogaine he’s covered.

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