Gillette Promises Fewer Bumps in the Road

As I was flipping through a previous tenant’s mail that still religiously comes to our house, I came across this Gillette print ad in Complex magazine.

Complex is a metropolitan men’s style/lifestyle magazine intended for men that are college-aged to early 30s in urban areas. The magazine’s specific target audience would be males 18-30, as well as specifically focusing on men of the African and urban demographic.

The ad claims that with Gillette, you will have less bumps, and more love. Considering I am a woman and I do not have the task of shaving my face on a daily basis, facial razor burn has never been high on my list of priorities or concerns.

However, I can understand that no man wants his lover to see embarrassing razor bumps when getting up close and personal. The strategy of this ad is to clearly target the attention of young men, particularly those in the dating scene who are trying to make the best first impression as possible.A clean, smooth face is something every young woman desires in a man. The dating scene can be a bumpy road as it is, but with Gillette you will have fewer bumps to worry about.

    • jotiraveq
    • June 4th, 2012

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