Even in the middle seat.

I found this ad in Wired magazine. Their demographics target a predominantly male audience, ages 18 and up. Being a female, age 21, I do not fit into this main target demographic. I can see how this ad, for a screen protector, is a good target to the magazine’s audience. The magazine’s target audience also fits to the product’s demographics.

The ad demonstrates a middle-aged business class man on an air plane. He is working on his computer and his nosy seat-neighbor’s are peering onto his computer. Their product is supposed to block vision of your screen from others who are sitting at an angle not directly in front of the screen.

The strategy is clearly written — privacy. The strategy is to visualize a situation their target demographics would be found in where they might need privacy. They utilize privacy by showing a man working on his computer on a flight where he doesn’t want his neighbors to be watching him the entire time just because they don’t have anything else to do. Where with their product he can have “privacy. even in the middle seat.” He will no longer have to worry about his seat-neighbor’s wandering eyes if he has their screen protector to secure his computer’s privacy.

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