Definitely Definity

 When I saw the topic for this week, I knew where to head.  So off to my sister’s room I went, and I emerged with a couple good examples, one of which is profiled below.

This ad for Olay Definity is clearly targeting an audience that I am not a part of— women.  More specifically, older women.  

The ad targets this demographic by introducing “the first anti-aging eye cream that doesn’t turn a blind eye to what ages you most.”  (Deception at it’s finest, right there.)

Women don’t like to look old.  By using phrases and key words that women react to, this ad effectively reaches women who are distraught about their aging skin.

The strategy of this ad was to convince women who already had convictions of the sort that they really are aging but there was something they could do about it.  More specifically, they could buy this product.  It’s better than the competition because it KNOWS what ages women most.

And don’t forget that after use, once and for all, “Love the skin you’re in.”

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