This advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana lipstick is obviously targeted at women. The ultimate strategy utilized in this ad is the allure of celebrity status. Scarlett Johansson is certainly a name you could tie to a product aimed at enhancing beauty. The advertisement goes beyond simply displaying her with the lipstick as well when it claims “Scarlett Johansson wears THE lipstick.” Like many products, the celebrity is ultimately used to make the consumer believe they, too, could look a good as the celebrity is depicted.

As with many other cosmetic products, this advertisement also aims to display its product’s ability to evoke beauty in its user. Aside from the celebrity endorsement, the red of the lipstick jumps off the page when placed among the tones of white and cream. There is likely some computer enhancement to the photo, but the line “creamy texture for lustful lips” is certainly displayed within the ad.

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