Being a vegetarian is a type of person I don’t think I will become, and many others can say the same. People for the EthicalTreatment of Animals or PETA as many of us know them by are doing their best to change all of our opinions about vegetarianism. PETA has many graphic and to-the-point advertisements, like this one, that tie your stomach in a knot.

In this ad it shows a woman as a butcher would see her just like livestock coming into a his or her butcher shop. Replacing animals with humans puts a more close to home feel to the ad and makes you relate to what you’re actually eating. PETA goes even further buy putting the meat cutting marks on the human in this ad.

PETA pulls on your emotions and really gets you thinking of yourself in these situations. It’s easy to eat a hamburger, but when you replace a the cow with yourself or a friend, you may think twice before ordering another one. These ads do a great job conveying exactly what PETA wants them to. This ad grabs the attention of everyone who looks at it and lasts a long time in your mind.

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