(Hot) Body By Victoria!

So I went the simple route. I chose a demographic that I’m obviously not a part of: Women. This ad introduces the all new Body By Victoria Ipex Wireless bra. I’m assuming that wireless means there’s no hard metal thing underneath the cups in the bra? The part that’s supposed to push up? I hope that’s a good guess. So moving on, the ad says that it’s their most “supportive wireless bra ever,” and they even have the patent to prove it. I didn’t know bras could get patents but it’s right there in the advertisement! I guess you really DO learn something new everyday!

Victoria’s Secret’s strategy is to show women that there is a wirless bra out there that is comfortable, supportive and still looks great. They show this by having a gorgeous model wear the bra while using the tagline “ADVANCED BRA.” By modeling the bra, Victoria’s Secret is using an execution that usually works, and the type in the ad supports that. Plus, showing that the bra has a U.S. patent helps sell the product as well. I may not be a woman, but if I were, the patent would be a big selling point for me. I approve this “ADVANCED BRA” by Victoria’s Secret.

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