What do you desire?

Right about this time of year, everyone North of the Carolinas craves sun.  They need to get away from the snow and cold and vacation (if only for a few days) somewhere warm and fun.  And no one wants to work for that; they want it to be easy to plan before they depart and easy to enjoy once the arrive.

This ad for Ritz-Carlton meets the standards of a many needs on Settler and Alreck’s Why They Buy: American Consumers Inside and Out.

The image is of a woman in a bikini sitting on the edge of a boat. The sun is shining and it is presumably warm and the water must be refreshing. This image helps show Sexuality in the picture. It is noticeable that there is a man in the background, so it can be assumed she is there with a loved one.  This picture, along with the statement “A simple getaway made even simpler,” employs the need of Diversion.  The scene in the image is very relaxing and the words “simple” and “simpler” make the whole situation seem even more of a perfect escape.

The second part of the headline, “It’s our pleasure,” focuses on the fact that people want hassle-free vacations without having to worry about accommodation issues. This shows Succorance in the ad. Ritz-Carlton will make your vacation easy to relax and enjoy. They will take care of you.

This ad also incorporates Stimulation.  The image allows you to imagine yourself sitting in the middle of the ocean on a hot day with your foot in the cool water.

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