Take the Special K Challenge!

Kellogg’s has developed their product Special K into a full line of healthfood products targeted at women who want to lose weight and look their best. From protein shakes to protein water and cereal bars to the classic crunchy cereal, Kellogg’s has created a successful “brand” within a brand. This ad is similar to their usual campaign advertisements. Show women how great they can look by using their product. In this one they display a fit beautiful woman next to a mannequin in a bikini. Since it is almost spring, this is the best time of year to play the swimsuit angle. Everyone wants a beach body. And if you don’t then you’re lying to yourself. That’s why Special K is successful as a product.

As for Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this ad obviously satisfies physiological needs because Special K is essentially a food. It can satisfy your hunger. But Special K goes deeper than just satisfying a growling stomach, it can provide love and belongingness needs and esteem needs. This may be a shallow statement, but it holds a certain amount of truth. Having a hot body can satisfy love and belongingness needs because it CAN help a person gain social acceptance and person intamacy, and Special K is supposed to help you get there. Although having a great body is not a requirement, it can certainly help someone find a mate or be accepted by their peers. It’s very superficial, but that is society today. A reason why Special K can satisfy esteem needs is because by looking better, you’ll feel better. By losing that weight and achieving a bikini body you will have feelings of adequacy and approval. Again, it’s society. Looking great will provide approval, social status and adequacy.

Finally, for the shopping list of needs developed by Settle and Alreck, this ad satisfies several.

Achievement: Losing weight with the help from Special K can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Exhibition: Wearing the teeny bikini after you get your beach bod will satisfy the need of exhibition. You’ll be pumped to show it off.

Recognition: As soon as people see the results of your weight loss they’ll hold you up as an example of someone that has succeeded in The Special K Challenge.

Sexuality: Losing weight and getting into that beach bikini can progress someone’s sexuality and make them more sex driven.

Diversion: After losing weight you’ll be able to relax and fun this summer knowing that you have a hot body. It’ll be easier to escape from routines and have fun!

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