Residue is evil.

Old Spice is a product that provides its consumers with an improvement to their lives. Old Spice is a known deodorant that protects males from the awful potential of smelling bad. The message being told by the product in this ad is that you don’t want to be the “stupid weirdo” in the sauna. You don’t want to be the guy in the sauna with underarm residue from his deodorant. You don’t want this so you should use the Old Spice Ever Clear to avoid this from ever happening.

This product and advertisement are dependent on two of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: love and belongingness needs and esteem needs. It follows the love and belongingness needs because the consumer male wants to be accepted and he doesn’t want to smell or be noticed for the wrong reasons. The last thing anybody wants is to be the smelly guy or the guy with the deodorant stains in his pits. The Old Spice deodorant offers him the opportunity to solve this problem. The ad follows the esteem needs in the same sense as the love and belongingness — wanting approval. To keep up with his self esteem and feel good about himself the consumer knows he won’t have the “evil residue” when using Old Spice.

Other needs which apply to this advertisement are:

Affiliation is present in the copy “Residue is evil. Stop it.” Old Spice offers protection from such evils. It allows the men who purchase the product to fulfill their need for relationships and be closely related to others by not having to worry about their personal hygiene.

Sexuality is party present because no males or females want someone who smells. Smelly partners are not common. The product is not as much selling sexuality as it is selling the chance of not being the total opposite of sexy. So in turn, it is offering the opportunity and chance of sexy.

-Old Spice offers consistency with its brand and products because it is a known name that has been around for a long time. Most men know of Old Spice and might even use it.

-And lastly security is present because the Old Spice deodorant saves its male consumers from having residue under their pits. By saving them of this, they will feel protected and free from fear. The males who use Old Spice deodorant will be able to lift up their arms with praise knowing they won’t have a horror story leaking out from under their arms.

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