Old Spice

Just by looking at the picture and the copy at the top, you may be led to think this is advertising some new type of ice cream or a new dairy shop. Even the few lines below the picture have nothing to do with the product being advertised, but it still catches your eye and makes you want to find out what’s going on. Old Spice has been putting out many new advertisements selling primarily on sex appeal. In this print ad, the female eating the ice cream cone has nothing to do with Old Spice and they tell you that, but she draws your attention to what ‘she’ has to say.┬áIn Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Old Spice hits on the esteem and love/belonging levels. This ad shows you that you can be sexy by simply using their products.

Exhibition: This advertisement makes a statement due to the nature of the main picture. Old Spice sure does get their products noticed.

Sexuality: Old Spice helps you set your own sexual identity by freeing you from the normal grind of the same old body wash. With this wash, you can feel confident doing whatever you feel all while smelling great.

Diversion: Now that your old body wash isn’t cutting it anymore, switching to Old Spice will give some punch back into your life and leave you feeling refreshed and smelling great.

Security: With Old Spice, you can finally feel safe in knowing you’ll smell great in any situation and can be more confident in what you do.

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