National Guard

Citizen. Soldier. In only two simple words, this ad effectively expresses how joining the National Guard will set you apart in a multi-faceted way from an ordinary citizen to a soldier. The ad shows the same exact men and women featured in different sides of a split screen depicting the citizens and the soldiers. Everybody knows that by enlisting into the armed forces you are making a noble decision, but there are many deep reasons why.

This ad relates to the hierarchy of love and belongingness because by being a citizen of The National Guard you will receive widespread social acceptance from ordinary people.

Most importantly this ad expresses the heirarchy of esteem because by being a soldier you are affiliated and recognized by the men and women of your country. Wearing the prestigious uniform sets you apart from other citizens and members of society. By looking at this ad you know that by being in the National Guard it allows you to nurture, provide care, and protect others in your country.

    • maddie
    • February 23rd, 2011

    what magazine was this found in

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