Got Milk?

The “Got Milk?” ads are known for their strong messages.  This ad flat out tells you that as a mom, she knows she is not only taking care of herself but also her family when she drinks milk.  The strategy of the ad is to say that not only is milk healthy for you but italso brings families together.   By showing a motherly figure holding healthy children it executes the love she has for them and the maternal instincts she has as well.

By using a motherly figure the ad portrays the need of love and belongingness.  Family gives both love and the feeling of belonging so by tying that in with drinking milk the ad shows how rewarding being healthy is to a family.  A mother wants nothing more than for her children to be healthy.  Besides bringing families together, milk obviously quenches thirst.  Advertised as a beverage, milk fulfills the physiological need. 

As for Robert Settle and Pamela Alreck’s “Why They Buy?” list, the ad flat out tells you its reaching consumers through the need for nurturance.  The motherly figure feels the need to provide for her family. The ad targets other mothers and tells them that milk will satisfy this need. 

The strategy is well supported with the execution. As soon as you read the copy “Mother Nurture” at the top of the page you realize that they are selling the idea that milk is a way to nurture your family.  The advertiser thought carefully about how they would sell the need for nurturance with milk as the product and succeeded.

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