Adoption in India

The strategy behind the ad is saying, “If you adopt a child, you’re not only helping the child, but the child is helping you.”

(underneath the picture) “You can receive more than you can ever give.”

This advertisement for adoption works both ways for the child and the future parent. The child will receive physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem, and possibly self-actualization needs. The parents can feel love and belongingness through building a family. The parent can also reach self-actualization by becoming an ideal parent. Relating to the advertisement, the parent could have physiological needs such a warmth between child and parent. This may also boost a parents self-esteem by becoming a parent figure in a child’s life.

    • Roman
    • March 22nd, 2012

    Excellent work. It will work even in hell. Good job.

  1. I’m single women n a govt servant working for Indian Railways. My aim in life is to adopt a child ( any either girl or boy or both) I want to give all the love, happiness, care which entitled. I want to give the child a family atmosphere so that he or she doesn’t feel lonely. The photo shown at ad I wud like to adopt n at the earliest. kindly lessen the formality as I m a Indian


  2. I liked the child v v much n wud like to adopt at the earliest.

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