In today’s world, most people care about their figure and want to look their best. Even if that is not the case, many people would like to atleast know they are eating healthy and staying away from foods containing additives and artificial flavors. Eating healthy sometimes means giving up your favorite foods, but not always. Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups are 100% natural. “TRANSLATION: ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING”

 “So nothing comes between you and the taste” makes me think that you don’t have to worry about anything while eating this soup, it tastes good and it’s healthy for you, and that is the strategy. This soup is different than other, but still has all the good tasting stuff that you want in a soup.

When referring to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I’d say this ad covers two of the five: Physiological needs and esteem needs. Physiological needs are shown simply because this ad shows food, leading to hunger. Showing what the actual soup looks like helps because it gives the audience a better idea of how it might taste. If this ad just had the writing and the name of the soup, I might not get the urge to go out and buy it like I would if I saw it first. Esteem needs come into play because of the health aspect. This soup is 100% natural; I would assume that most people would feel a little better about themselves by knowing they are eating something of the sort, as opposed to other soups that aren’t as good for you.

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