Go with it

VAIO has come out with the smallest and most adorable computer I have ever seen. Small enough to fit inside a pocket or a purse, it gives its users independence to take it wherever they want. With such a small computer, heads will be turning making you the talk of the town.

This ad in particular shows off the sexy, independent, and consistent side of the VAIO brand. With a simple headline of “Go With It,” giving the impression that the computer dominates you, by having you go with it.

The VAIO satisfies many of the needs users look for:

Independence: With such a small and compact computer the user has the ability to take it and go wherever they please. No more heavy laptops that are too heavy and large to carry around.

Exhibition: Who do you know who has a laptop that can fit in a pocket? I don’t know a single person. So no matter what owning this product will make you stand out and make heads turn.

Sexuality: Of course you could sell this item on sexuality. This ad is a great example of selling on sexuality. This laptop is small and sleek and oozes sexuality.

Diversion: This is not your everyday laptop it’s a big boy toy. Not too much bigger than a PSP this laptop takes entertainment wherever you go.

Novelty: When I finally get to see one of these laptops in real life I am going to be in awed. It is not an item you see on an everyday basis and is quite surprising when you do see it.

Consistency: Sony VAIO is a very trusted brand and is know for quality electronics. So going along with everything else they sell I believe this product will be a good buy.

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