Drive Something You Crave

Cravings come and go. They run and then stop. They sleep then wake. They sit and then move. They always have your undivided attention.

To crave is to want, but with a spin of fascination. Cravings contain a dash of curiosity and mystique. You want something that is not easy to get, which simulates the need to pursue and engage to satisfy your crave.

The writers who came up with “Something new to crave” really dug deep to resonate the message to consumers that the Honda CR-V is different than the other new shiny metal contraptions on the road. Once you test-drive the CR-V, you will only crave more. It’s like placing a chocolate cup cake in front of you and then saying please don’t touch. It creates edge, spontaneity and excitement.

When looking at this ad it’s hard to not lick your lips and imagine the chocolate goodness of biting into one of the tasty treats pictured. It stimulates your senses, mostly taste, but it stimulates the need to be different, divert from the normal SUV and to be recognized that you are driving around a crave machine. The feeling of independence jumps off the page – this car is different because craving a car is different than wanting a car. It says more than just to buy this car because of it’s features, it says once you take a bit, you will not be able to live without this car. Also, using the word “irresistible” and the phrase “more than satisfies” sexuality drives the mind to think this is way more than just a simple SUV. This car is geared toward middle-aged women, so to place the image of the CR-V as a “sexy mom car” resonates and captures the target audience’s attention because who does not want to drive a sexy car around town.

The strategy behind this ad probably read to make the need for the CR-V different than the leading midsize SUV, while displaying some of its features to resonate with middle-aged women.

The ad displayes the benefits and features in the copy. The Honda brand itself satisfies the need of middle-age women to drive a safe and reliable car, usually because they are transporting their children from point A to point B.  Honda also remains a well-known social symbol in the car industry to fulfill status seekers and safety needs. The ad also grabs women’s attention because of the chocolate treats, which are usually craved more by women rather than men. So, when looking at this ad a middle-aged woman will find something in common with having the sense to crave a chocolate treat and to want to crave a new shiny car to zoom her children around town in.

Honda stimulates the mind to not only CRaVe their new midsize SUV, but to diverted from the norm and to crave something new.

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