Nikon digital cameras have shown that face detection help make the picture quality so much better than the old conventional cameras. With this new technology, cameras can now find the faces in the frame and highlight them which makes them stand out more and not look so dull.

With the two females wearing next to nothing in this photo of a photo, it has strong sex appeal that attracts a large audience. This also shows that the Nikon camera doesn’t only put an emphasis on faces, but it also does a wonderful job of taking great quality photos of everything surrounding the faces. By showing the two in such a provocative position in suggestive clothing, it draws the viewers attention away from the boxes around their faces, which is what Nikon’s face detection is selling, and shows that their camera still takes great quality photos.

This advertisement fulfills both exhibition and sexuality. The exhibition part is satisfied due to its sexual nature. The almost nude females in the photograph draw your attention to the advertisement and make it a ‘hot ad’ (for lack of better words) for conversation.  The sexuality part comes is in simply by being sexually attractive. There are two attractive females showing a fair amount of skin…that sums up that sexuality part of it!

Overall this advertisement does a great job grabbing your attention right away with the overall picture. Once you start to analyze it, the face detection boxes make themselves relevant and the whole ad comes together and sticks with you. Next time you’re out shopping for a digital camera think exhibition and sexuality!

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