A New Generation

Growing up in this generation, young adults today don’t want old, vintage things. They want new, exciting, sexy possessions; things that will make them look and feel great.

This advertisement for Acura’s TSX is very relative to this new view of life.  The text reads “Old luxury has a glass of warm milk and turns in early. Modern luxury goes out all night and still makes it into the office by eight.”  The strategy of this ad is to promote this new car to a younger audience who desire to be sexy and fun but in a classy, eloquent  way. It is not an old cadillac, which in its time had class, or a brand new sports car, which is mostly for show.  This car is sleek and modern in a way that is also very “chic” or “fly”.

This ad incorporates many of items on Alreck’s Why They Buy: American Consumers Inside and Out.

This ad includes sexuality. The three people on the left of the image are dressed up and seem to be out having a good time. They also seem to be flirting.

This ad also uses exhibition. The Acura TSX is so modern and edgy that many younger adults would love to be seen driving in it. It would make them feel very confident about themselves.

Another aspect of the list this ad uses is Independence. If you own this car, you can be yourself. You can go out and have an incredibly good time, but still make it to work the next morning. All in confidence.

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