Mercedes-Benz: May the Best Breast Win

Upon visiting the Mercedes-Benz website, they proclaim: “When it comes to our passengers, we’ve always been a little overprotective. At Mercedes-Benz, safety is our obsession.”

It appears that this print ad’s strategy was to combine Mercedes-Benz’s obsession with any typical red-blooded man’s obsession: boobs. I think that their vehicle’s 8-airbag feature is well represented with this rather eye-catching play on words.

Getting behind the wheel can be a fearful thing, so the number one need for an automobile to fulfill is security. Mercedes Benz is a well-known dealership with lots of heritage and loyal customers to their brand of car.

For that reason, I am certain that anybody getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz is feeling safe and confident with their choice. But let’s not ignore the more blatant need of pure sexuality that is fulfilled in this advertisement.

Think of all the different (yet boring) ways they could have informed about their airbag feature. The decision to sell it with the idea of sex and of 8 “funbags” cushioning you on your smooth and safe ride seems to be the breast…ahem, the best, strategy.

Obsessions are not always beneficial, but this ad proves that you won’t get knocked around with these sets of “knockers” on your side.


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