If Roads Were Books…

BAS PLUS, Mercedes-Benz’s new brake assist system, is now standard in their S-Class.  This ad visually exemplifies everything that the brake assist system does and provides just enough copy to tell people what it is.

Nobody wants to run into a deer with their automobile.  A bunch of bad things happen in one event, including: you most likely kill a deer, your car is dented, and you have a serious chance of sustaining an injury.  

This ad shows how BAS PLUS sees threats on the road, such as a deer, and “reads the street” so the driver can escape a nasty situation.  The strategy was simple: inform people of what this new system does and hope they buy a Mercedes-Benz.

This ad fits two of the needs outlined in Why They Buy: American Consumers Inside and Out:  Dominance and Safety.  

While the consumer and his or her vehicle go about their business dominating the roads, the BAS PLUS system will keep the passengers safe and secure.  Exactly what a ton of people look for in their car.  What better could you ask for from a vehicle?

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