Always Prepared to Make a Good Impression


Whether it’s meeting new people, spending time with your significant other or impressing your boss, it’s always the perfect time to have fresh breath.  However, it’s not always the perfect time or place to whip out your toothbrush and toothpaste or your bottle of mouthwash.  Altoids Smalls are the perfect, portable breathmint that you can bring with you anywhere and pop into your mouth at anytime. 

The ads tagline: “Curiously Strong. Curiously Small,” tells the audience that even though the mints are smaller than usual they are still strong and you can rely on them to freshen your breath. The strategy of the ad is to let consumers know they can trust Altoids to make a good impression. 

The advertisers used the feeling of affiliation to get consumers to buy the product.   You need fresh breath in order to be in contact with someone.  People are interacting and communicating all day, the last thing they need to worry about is bad breath.  With Altoids Smalls, they won’t need to anymore.

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