A fresh way to Chill

It’s Wednesday and what do you want to do? How about lounge in the clouds and take a break from realty. Sound good? I say were do I sign up. With the stresses of everyday life people are trying to find a way to “chill”. So Tic Tac took it upon themselves to deliver.

Maybe it’s not the “chill” all of us workaholics had in mind, but the stimulation of fresh breath helps, and with a name like “paradise mint” it has to be refreshing.

Tic Tac is selling on the idea of a diversion and it is a very good strategy. “A fresh way to Chill.” I feel this is a great direction to focus this product as they have already hit on fresh breath and low calorie. Associating Tic Tacs with taking a minute to relax and have some me time, makes me want to go buy some and chill.

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