Denny’s Free Grand Slam

In a Super Bowl devoid of any thrilling advertisements, I believe Denny’s carried out one of the more successful campaigns on one of America’s biggest day for advertisements. The strategy of the advertisement was simple: make America aware of their free Grand Slam breakfast offer. In my opinion, the ads were simple, humorous, and memorable. Obviously, such an advertisement would be not be utilized in a long-term plan. However, with Denny’s reach-oriented plan, the Super Bowl was an appropriate platform to promote their special offer.

Sure, the $3 million per spot is a steep expense for an advertisement aimed at promoting a free offer. However, the promotion was helpful in building interest in the Denny’s brand and increasing traffic in the restaurant by hungry, price conscious consumers. In a press release sent out by the company Wednesday, Denny’s CEO Nelson Marchioli said that 2 million Grand Slams were served, their website received 24 million hits since the commercials aired, and 300,000 have registered for their Denny’s Rewards program. “Denny’s” was also a top ten trending topic on Twitter during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and on “Grand Slam Day” Tuesday. The execution may have been as simple as screaming chickens, but Denny’s executed one of the more successful campaigns of 2010’s Super Bowl Sunday.

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