Words Have Never Looked so Alive Before . . .

Sharpie, the marker that bleeds ink to preserve words permanently, has re-defined itself by crossing-over into the pen category, so watch out because sexy, 6-pack-ab man David Beckham is here to “Write Out Loud.”

The attention is immediately and willingly drawn from the audience due to the large figurine photo of the beautifully, yet scrappy, highly-acclaimed, foreign soccer star, David Beckham. But when you get down to the core evidence of the ad, the ad strategy is far from sexy, but more along the lines of simple, plain and typical – Sharpie marker is now the Sharpie pen. The ad displays the functional differences of this new Sharpie pen versus the marker form, such as no bleeding through pages, but like I said, this is typical of a pen company to market no bleeding.

So how does a name brand product like Sharpie market a typical, abundant product such as a pen? Simple, it understands it’s consumers behavior and needs and uses the results as the fundamental starting block.

Let’s build from the ground up.

Sharpie is known for having fresh, cool-colored permanent markers, but has now added pens to its collection. In my opinion, the pen industry is overly-large and somewhat boring and I presume hard to market. So, Sharpie had to figure out what their consumers use pens for, why they use pens versus pencils, where they use pens, how often and figure out the overall feeling or mood used when writing with a pen, etc. Who knew much effort and thought was put forth when trying to market a pen?

Sharpie left a mark (no pun intended) when they designed this bend-it-like Beckham ad. Sharpie took a simple, everyday function – writing – and put life into it by creating the tagline, “Write Out Loud.” This tagline should read, “Making up words is fun, so go ahead and write what you feel,” thus, proving to the reader and now future Sharpie pen writer, this pen is yours to use as you please, so be free, independent and different and use the pen to write magic for any scenario possible – distinguish yourself. You can make shopping lists taste real and birthday cards dazzle with this new ink cartridge. So, this pen not only allows you the novelty to “Write Out Loud” to claim your independence, but it also will stimulate the inner-writer that you never knew you had. Feel secure with your words and have fun and Sharpie will protect the rest.

Write Out Loud – I dare you!

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