Yellow Punch Bug, No Punch Backs!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am constantly punching my friends…when I see a Volkswagen, of course!  The 2010 Superbowl Volkswagen commercial made my roommates and I laugh out loud.  We constantly play the game they showed in the commercial.  Literally running and screaming from each other and seeing who can punch the other first.    If you see a Volkswagen, you punch the person next to you and state the color of the car.  We only punch each other when we see the “bug” or “beetle” VW’s, however.  I think punching for all 13 models  may get a little annoying. 

I feel like the commercial was effective because it was playing off a made-up game that someone came up with so long ago.  It’s not like VW actually sold the car and told you it was a rule to play the game.  So, by incorporating something consumers made up, they were able to get viewer’s attention.   I think it also sent the message that you see VW’s everywhere, and no matter what situation you’re  in or what demographic you belong to, you stop to play the game.  I think the ad was definitely worth the Superbowl spot  because it was clever and if you didn’t know the game, you do now.

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