The Green Police: Audi

Carbon footprint. Global warming. Ozone layers. Recycling…the list goes on and on. For years we’ve heard the on-going drone of why and how to be more environmentally conscious. The task of lowering our impact on the environment doesn’t necessarily come easy in day-to-day life situations.

Even in this day in age, certain simple things just don’t seem to cross our minds. Sure, we’ve all seen the token tree-hugger load up their hoard of organically grown vegan groceries into their recycled linen hemp totes in line at the grocery store.  But since the cashier happily bags your groceries into plastic bags without a fuss, you simply go about your day without another thought about it.

This memorable Audi A3 TDI ad is effective because while it is poking a little bit of fun at those who take recycling close to heart, it also shows that with a fuel efficient car you can better the environment just by getting from point A to B.

While the Green Police’s harsh actions in this ad are hilarious and exaggerated, could it possibly be a glimpse into the future? What if one night while getting ready for bed the the Green Police came barging down my door for leaving the water running as I brushed my teeth? We should  all pitch in some effort to help make changes now.

In today’s market it’s “green” this and “efficient” that, but I feel like this ad pulls off their message well. Although some might feel this ad was self-contradicting, I feel that even by taking a  jab at the green movement mania, it didn’t hinder the message to the public about their new green automobile of the year.

I think this ad was worth the money spent because it humorous and memorable to a wide selection of audiences.  After all, I’m sure we all end up feeling a little environMENTAL here and there.

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