Snickers Satisfies

Short, sweet and to the point; those are the types of commercials that I most enjoy. I feel that Snickers demonstrated just that in this commercial and therefore it caught my attention.

The strategy behind this commercial is simple: When you are hungry just grab a Snickers and you will be back to your old self; no one feels that great when they are hungry. The end of the commercial sums this up by saying, “You’re not you when you’re hungry. Snickers satisfies.”

This Snickers commercial uses men playing football and features Betty White. One of the football players, Mike,  is playing like a girl/older women (Betty White) and he doesn’t start playing like himself until he takes a bite of his Snickers. I say thumbs up to this commercial and I would say it is effective; therefore; spending all the money necessary to show this commercial during the Super Bowl was a smart decision.

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