Snack Attack Samurai

I always watch the Super Bowl to get a few laughs out of the commercials, because I am not a fan of football. This year one Ad made me laugh out loud and immediately grab my laptop so I could watch it again. That was the Ad for Doritos featuring the “Snack Attack Samurai.”

Every year Doritos sponsors a contest for its consumers to create a commercial that represents their love for the product. I think this is a great strategy because, who doesn’t love a good contest? The savings from production costs are added to the prize money, and they can use their spot to promote young creativity. The contest also brings in hundreds of entries and by uploading all of them online, they are able to get a lot of promotion for their product.

The commercial represents two young men in a gym being attacked for stealing a Doritos lover’s bag of chips. This is no ordinary Doritos lover but a Doritos samurai, armed with Doritos weapons. The moral to this story is not to take another mans Doritos, or he will come for you.

This is an amazing spot and it was just really funny. Definitely worth the money, as it promotes Doritos and a contest winners chance to create a commercial worth the money to show during the Super Bowl.


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