Man’s Last Stand

Chrysler’s Dodge Charger commercial was one of my favorite commercials from the Super Bowl. Dodge wanted to show America that they were for men who wanted to drive. Chargers are for men that want real, American wheels. Their approach was to say, men have limits. Men are nice to your girlfriends, put the seat down, carry your lipstick. However, there reaches a point where they simply need to do something for themselves. Drive a manly car. Chrysler definitely should have splurged to have this air during the game. I thought that this was really effective, especially airing it during the Super Bowl when a bunch of guys are hanging around being guys and watching football. After all, boys just want to have fun.

    • Amanda Goldberg
    • February 10th, 2010

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  1. Stay with this guys, you’re heniplg a lot of people.

  2. to the lib/progressives finger-wagging about mitt being a mormon, you idiots didn't have any problem about electing some red diaper commie who attended a rabidly hate-whitey church for two decades, so stfu about religion. america is in the worst recession/depression since the 1930's and your michelle o is off on these extravagant vacations we pay for april 15th. isn't it ironic that hordes of obama appointees had to refile their tax returns and pay tons of money to irs when they were exposed to public scrutiny. worms!!!!

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