How ‘Bout Not?

If you’ve ever been stuck shopping during a sporting event that you wanted to watch, you realize that it would be really cool if you could take that event with you into the store.

It just isn’t stores, either.  It could be a birthday party, a holiday or even taking a trip to a museum with your wife, girlfriend, or even your mother.  If there’s a TV nearby, that’s where the guy will most likely end up.  Ya know, like the television section of a department store.

I know that I have been in this situation.  It happened many times when I was a child and my mother would drag me and my father somewhere.  We would have loved a FLO TV then.  

And right there is the strategy of the ad.  Guys don’t want to miss the game that’s on; why not aim a product at them that lets them suck up AND watch the game?

This ad is extremely effective because it presents visual representations of a guy who wants to watch the game more than anything else, but as it turns out, he winds up suggesting the lavender candle.

As well as this ad spoke to me, it most likely wasn’t worth the amount of money that it takes to put it on during “The Big Game.”  Because the target for the FLO TV is hardcore sports watchers, they could have targeted these people during any week of the NFL season.  Paying extra for the Super Bowl just got them the extra casual watchers of the game.  And to me, there’s no need to advertise this product to someone who watches one game a year, and doesn’t follow it close enough to have cared if they were shopping for candles and bras instead.

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