Focus on the Family

On Sunday, I watched the Super Bowl from beginning to end.  I even went as far as to take a few notes on some of the worthy advertisements. While I was looking back on the commercials online on, I noticed one that I had not even seen during the game.  The ad was for the Focus on the Family organization and starred football quarterback Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam.

Unlike the majority of the commercials during the game, this one included a sequence of touching moments.  Pam Tebow began by saying that Tim is her “miracle child” and how she didn’t think he would live past birth.  Then Tim himself comes on to the stage by tackling his mother (the hint of humor in the ad).

Although this commercial represented an issue that is very current and critical in the political United States, I believe this advertisement was not properly presented.

The commercial never used the words “pro-choice” or “pro-life”. Pam Tebow never went into detail as to why she was so worried during her pregnancy.  This may have been part of the organization’s strategy. Almost all commercials that are shown during the Super Bowl are selling a product or visually attractive to teens, or men.  By tossing this serious commercial into the bunch, the producers of the Focus on the Family commercial had to stray away from announcing “Hey! Here is a political issue you should consider while you enjoy your beer and the big game!”

Overall, I do not think this advertisement was worth the price of airing during the Super Bowl. The ad was aired right after the popular Betty White Snickers commercial.  Maybe this is why I didn’t see the ad during the game.  Many people (including myself) were still laughing from the Snickers humor while the commercial played. Personally, I didn’t even know who Tim Tebow was.  Even more, I didn’t know the story of his mother’s difficulties during pregnancy. Because of the lack of facts in the commercial and my lack of knowledge of the situation, I didn’t even know this commercial was a Pro-Life ad.

  1. There’s an article on this somewhere, but I think it’s assumed that the ad didn’t mention those sorts of things because the NFL oversaw this ad — because Tebow is entering the league next year — and they didn’t want to be tied to the issue.

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