Dove For Men!

One of the Super Bowl commercials that stood out to me was one from Dove.  I LOVED it! Dove took time (and money) to promote its new men’s line during the Super Bowl. The commercial itself was a little fast-paced, but the imagery was entertaining to watch. The commercial very quickly takes the viewer through a man’s life, showing the multiple challenges, achievements and duties associated with being a man. Things such as excelling at sports, opening a pickle jar for your wife and going outside to investigate a strange noise are all things men are expected to do. Near the end of the commercial, the man finally comes to a place in his life where he feels at ease, so why shouldn’t he feel at ease in his skin? The commercial is rounded out by the tagline “isn’t it time for comfortable skin?” and shows the new product line.

I think the strategy for the commercial is that Dove’s products make women comfortable, why shouldn’t they make men comfortable too? After everything the man in the  commercial has gone through,he finally feels emotionally comfortable in his skin. Shouldn’t he feel physically comfortable in his skin too? The commercial shows that Dove’s new men’s line does just that. I think that was definitely part of the commercial’s strategy and it was very effective in the way that it showed it. Also, this commercial airing during the  Super Bowl was definitely worth the expense of a Super Bowl spot. Unveiling a men’s line of personal care products during the Super Bowl is smart because of the large amount of male viewers this event brings. It puts the brand out there with a phenomenally high reach because the Super Bowl is one the highest-rated television programs of the year. Considering that this is one of the only commercials that stuck in my head, I think Dove did a great job planning the emergence of its new products for men with a catchy, fun commercial.

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