A departure from the expected.

Sunday I did the opposite of most Super Bowl watchers/aficionados and I watched purely the advertisements, and not the game. But in true football party spirit one of my roommates and myself decided to order pizza for the telecast event — like true Americans. While viewing the much hyped commercials during breaks from the game, I noticed a lot of expected material. There were a lot of cheap laughs, like two commercials airing back-to-back with pant-less men.

One that stood out from the crowd was the Kia Sorento commercial. With a tag-line at the end stating “A departure from the unexpected.” The commercial is very much those words. There is a gumbi/alien/one-eyed-monster, a sock puppet monkey, a teddy bear, some furry thing, and a robot — driving a car.

Where’s the strategy in that? Well, I believe the strategy was to show the fun times that someone could have with the Kia Sorento. The strategy is to sell fun. The car may not be the bright, bold, flashy sports-car but it can still be sold as an innovative cruiser. The strategy works as they show the fun-loving characters having a good time using this vehicle to take them to their destinations. It sells fun for a automobile, which is a bit unusual, but it works. The commercial was worth the airing but possibly not worth the millions it cost to air it, I think that is far too much money.

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