J’ai aimé la publicité de Google (I loved Google’s Commercial)

This Google commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYavikKP8wI) aired during the third quarter of the 2010 Super Bowl. This 1-minute commercial let the world know that Google is simple, but not stupid – they know how to put the big bucks to use.

Google’s Parisian Love commercial put the romance back into love and, more importantly, put the love back into Google. This commercial struck numerous emotions and resonated well with the audience.  Besides the cliché Paris love story and romantic background music, this ad shows what an amazing part Google does play in our lives; how something so simple and seemingly irrelevant actually shapes the outcomes and events of our existence. On the surface, Google is not an important tool among our lives, but in reality it is the number one search engine people rely on for answers and up until now, it has not received the proper recognition.

The strategy behind this commercial is simple. Google is a search-engine website used to answer questions or to point you in the right direction to get answers. They are reliable, user-friendly and quick when searching for answers. Google shapes people’s paths more than they are aware and Google wanted to point our their importance to mankind and show to people how quick and easy it is to use their software and to show the impact and benefits to using Google as the preferred search engine.

The execution of this strategy was effective. To connect, such a cliché love story, of course originating in Paris, to Google’s usage did register well among the audience. People love to hear or read sappy love stories because it stimulates an overall warm, fuzzy, “awwe” feeling. The story about the boy who moves to Paris, meets a girl at a coffee shop, falls in love, and then they start a family is captivating and resonates the emotions of reliability, trustworthiness and consistency, key qualities of Google. This love story example executes the strategy of Google’s simplistic function, but resonates the importance people place on Google because it is always reliable and there to answer the important questions needed.

After watching this air, it made me have a deep respect for Google and made me realize how much I depend on Google. I use Google for simple questions such as looking up local pizza restaurant numbers on my cell phone or to help conduct research for a paper. Google has helped me make decisions on what restaurant to eat at, what movie to see, what color shirt to order, and the list goes on, but all of the decisions I have made have lead me down a different path and I had Google behind me on every date, movie or online-shopping spree that I experienced. Whatever my need may be, Google has never let me down. I am a loyal user of Google and I intend to remain loyal, but after seeing this commercial I am now more conscious of Google’s part of our relationship and how lost I would be without it.

This commercial is simple, effective, memorable and artistic. C’est magnifique!

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