Start something good.

Lipton Green Tea
Women and men alike both know that getting healthy does not only include maintaining a nutritious diet, but also includes getting exercise along with that diet. We either constantly or frequently want to find ways to improve our daily lives and search for something new to try.

Lipton Green Tea is a good way to “look after your health” and it even helps “maintain healthy circulation.” Lipton tea is communicating that their Green Tea will help us “start something good” in our lives, which is something everyone is searching for. The message is selling that if you drink this Green Tea, that is healthy for you, it will also help you with other health conscious areas of your life — like exercise.

The benefits taken away from this ad to its consumers are that drinking their product, Lipton Green Tea, that you will be benefitting your life. They researched enough to know that their audience is concerned with their health. Exercise is the first step into getting healthy, and they offer the Green Tea to help supplement and benefit your positive health efforts and lifestyle. The benefit of this product is that it contributes to your health and can help maintain healthy circulation which is important to health conscious consumers — it involves their efforts to healthy living. With drinking Lipton Green Tea you will be taking a step in the right direction.

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