Keeping up with the Jonses

The majority of this country’s population drives or rides in a car just about every single day. There are hundreds of automobile brands out there to choose from. For some people, they have grown up with a certain brand and feel comfortable and loyal to that brand. For others, a car might simply be a way to get from point A to point B.

But for most, I think it’s safe to say that just about everybody would prefer to have a car with the most fuel efficiency on the road as possible. Everybody out there is always looking for some type of competition to “keep up with the Jonses”.

This Chevy Equinox ad strategy really broke through the clutter with one simple statement: “The Most Fuel Efficient Crossover on the Highway.” The ad clearly states that according to GM Crossover Segment research, its 32 HWY MPG efficiency it beats out other brands such as Honda, Toyota, and Ford. This ad’s reliable and valid research certainly will make all consumers care about what kind of fuel efficiency their own car has that is parked in the family’s garage. With 600 miles between fill-ups at the pump, who wouldn’t want to brag about that to the neighbors?

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