BlackBerry Love

scan0001 BlackBerry has officially branched out from the business world and has found a new home in the back pockets of teenagers and students. BlackBerry is now marketing to a younger, hipper, office-less crowd. They aren’t just for people who love their high-paying office jobs, they’re for people who just love hanging out. BlackBerry’s are ideal for staying in constant contact with those people that you want to hang out with most, but aren’t always able to. Text, E-mail, Twitter, and Facebook are all accessible through BlackBerry and BlackBerry applications.

I feel that market and product research have obviously gone into this advertisement. BlackBerry wanted to access a broader audience with their product and decided to target young people. They needed to find out what younger people wanted most in a mobile device and then decided that BlackBerry could do that for them. With all of the apps available, along with BlackBerry’s intrinsic characteristics it was a good fit.

This ad was enough to make me care about BlackBerry, almost enough to get one. Judging by the amount of my friends that are CrackBerry addicts, I’d say the advertisement is pretty effective.

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