The snack food industry is not what you’d call incredibly innovative. It seems that most new products are a new flavor or healthier option. However, Tostitos may have finally provided a truly useful new product to its line: the dipping strip.

There’s not much room for improvement in the snack food industry, but it would seem Tostitos stepped up to find out how they can improve their product line. Thankfully, Tostitos determined that people probably would like a more functional chip for their dipping needs. Personally, I never understood why this was never thought of before. The standard chip and scoop chips were too large and frail to be maneuvering in and out of the jars like it was a game of Operation. Boasting a chip that is “longer, stronger, and perfectly angled to reach every last corner and curve,” Tostitos may have quite a profitable new product for 2010.

While the product may not necessarily be designed for any particular audience, I noticed that they chose to reach out to a variety of audiences by placing the ad in Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated among others. It may be a simple idea, but I will give Tostitos credit in really reaching out to see where they can extend their product line.

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