The Marlboro Man NEVER mentioned any of this…

It’s not a secret that cigarettes are bad for a person’s health.Every smoker knows about that now, but somehow tobacco companies are still thriving. The more than obvious reason is due to the addictiveness of the nicotine found in tobacco. Some people say that they could quit whenever they’d like to, and others know that they’re hooked, but no matter what kind of a smoker you are; it’s hard to kick the habit.

 Personally, I’ve been smoking for almost four years, and have been trying to quit ever since I first started. I can speak for a lot of smokers who, when asked the question of the harmful chemicals in cigarettes, will answer with either nicotine and/or carbon monoxide. Those are the main two answers you would receive walking about the smokers’ community. This ad is obviously researched because anti-smoking ad’s have to have shock value. They have to raise the bar almost every ad they produce and find as many ways as possible to show how harmful and addicting smoking cigarettes actually is. This ad does a great job of showing a handful of toxins that are in each and every cigarette. If every smoker knew about all of these dangerous toxins, instead of the stereotypical nicotine and carbon monoxide, maybe it would be a better inspiration to help them quit. Ex: Acetone is usually found in nail polish remover, Arsenic is a form of rat poison and Formaldehyde is an embalming fluid.

 Being a smoker myself, I can say that every anti-smoking advertisement, whether on television, radio or print magazines, always does get to me and help me gain knowledge about the endless dangers of smoking. Even though anti-smoking ads are a helpful inspiration and fatal warning, it really takes a lot of self-motivation and commitment to actually quit.

  1. February 16th, 2015

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