It’s too manly for you, not the other way around

Vespas. I don’t even know where to start. As a motorcycle rider I know the love of having the wind in your hair and the freedom from being boxed in. Scooters, However are like the Barbie car of motorbikes, in general have always been the butt of some pretty funny jokes.

Especially- have you ever seen a fat man on a scooter?

I have never actually taken scooters to seriously, which maybe the reason I enjoy their new ad campaign. Which boasts, ‘It’s too manly for you, not the other way around’.

I feel this campaign could come directly from market research. The vehicle is an easy sell to women, who would be able to handle it, creating an unmanly image. Moving away from that stereotype would mean selling scooters that aren’t just for girls. It could also come from men who enjoy riding scooters, but don’t enjoy the criticism. So, here comes a man friendly ad for the Vespa.

Convincing men that a scooter could be a great new toy, shouldn’t be too hard anyways. Even I have to admit that some of these scooters get great gas mileage and can really pick up some speed. I wouldn’t be totally against, maybe, taking one for a test drive.

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