Fight Fuel Costs…

Driving in snowy and rainy conditions can be very scary at times.  When the rain is beating down on your windshield or it’s snowing so much you can’t see a foot in front of you; you’re worried about accidents.  I know I’ve experienced my tires sliding as I try to stop as early as possible in the snow.  You think you have everything under control and you’re driving as safely as possible, but anything can happen.  This can be prevented, though.  Gas prices are crazy these days, too.  We’ll do anything in order to save some money on gas, right? By having the right tires, you can actually save on gas.  In addition to saving gas, the right tires last significantly longer than the standard tire. 

 The Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tire claims to help save up to 109 gallons of fuel, it stops 8 feet shorter in wet conditions, and has a longer tread life.  This is compared to the leading competitor.  I feel that this product was well researched because when it comes to buying tires those three things these tires offer are very important to a driver.  Buying tires isn’t cheap, so when you do buy new tires you’re looking for the best quality so you aren’t dropping more money on new tires soon after.  Consumers are concerned with gas prices as well, so to advertise that you’re saving money on gas is a real attention-grabber.  The research done to find out just how important saving money on gas is to customers was valuable.

I thought the ad was effective because it advertised quality tires and being able to save money on something everyone has to have if they drive a car.  I think the benefit of purchasing the tires is shown in the ad effectively.

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