Make Time and Dentyne Will Follow

Every day is a busy day in the life of a college student. Besides the typical school-related stress and workload, we have to juggle part-time jobs to pay the bills, remain active among other organizations and between friends, keep in-touch with mom and dad, try to find time to get enough sleep to stay healthy, date, do laundry so we do not run out of clean clothes, constantly be connected to our cell phones, make time for Facebook and Twitter and if nothing else, we have to keep in shape to compensate for our late-night shindigs. Words such as nuts; hectic; chaotic; entertaining would fit my life mold perfectly. So, how would one advertise too such a highly engaged, active audience, with an attention span similar to a 5-year-old?

They would have to show they understand every aspect of our lives and why we do what we do, in-side and out, to grab our attention.

Attention: Dentyne gum has officially grabbed my interest.

Dentyne’s ad proves to me they understand my life is ridiculously busy and a lot of my time is spent online or on my cell phone, but they focus on one major, yet simple event – dating or finding time to spend with that special someone. It’s a simple concept – find time to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend – but sometimes it’s unfortunately, not that easy.

I like how this ad does not drone on about the features and benefits of chewing their gum. Fresh breathe, clean feeling, whiter teeth – save it for someone who cares. This generation of college students knows everything about gum and what it does and when to use it. This further instates Dentyne understands – do not waste space on an ad and fill it with meaningless, already know facts because I will not read it.

Dentyne’s overall message in this ad is to make me want to slow my pace down – get off the computer, put down my cell phone, stop texting, forget about school – and appreciate the simple things that I might over look due to my chaotic schedule of a life and to simply, “make face time” and Dentyne will take care of the rest.

  1. This ad is sick. Sick as in swell. Swell as in I enjoyed it. Good find dude!

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