Reebok EasyTone: Nice booty. Great sole.

Nice booty. Great sole

Being a college student and working four to five days a week, working out is unfortunately not always in my schedule. Most of the time I am too tired or I just simply don’t have enough time in one day. When I came across this advertisement the first thing that stood out was the phrase “nice booty”. Who doesn’t want a “nice booty”? The more I read the advertisement I realized not only could I shape my butt, but also my legs. The best part to this idea is that I can do this by just simply walking. I walk a lot every day. With my busy schedule I probably walk more than I sleep. After seeing this ad I was sold.

 Reebok EasyTone tennis shoes were designed to help tone your butt and legs with every step, and what better way to advertise than to use sex appeal. Let’s face it, most people all over the world are interested in sex. Whether sex is being advertised or  sex appeal is being applied to a product, most people will stop to see what is going on. Reebok uses sex appeal in almost all of their EasyTone commercials and advertisements, and I think it is brilliant. They use visuals of women with toned butts and legs to draw you in. The fact that these shoes help  tone a women’s butt and legs give the shoe so much more meaning and can definitely be associated with sex appeal. Now think about this: Reebok decides to come out with a new shoe that is supposed to help you run faster and in their commercial they use the same picture above to advertise their shoe. Do you think that would be effective? I do not believe so. Reebok chose the right time and product to use sex appeal, and many people have stopped to see what all the talk is about.

“88% of men are speechless.  76% of women are jealous” says the ad. These statistics make you think even more. You start thinking about relationships and looking good, two things in this world most everyone wants. Looking good and not even trying, who can beat that?

This ad is simple, but straight forward. There are not many colors or words and the important sayings and images are large. I believe this ad, along with all the other attempts Reebok has made to advertise this new shoe, has been effective. I personally know three people with EasyTones and they love them.

After writing this and reviewing the advertisement, I think I am going to go buy myself a pair of EasyTones tomorrow. Who wouldn’t want to tone up by simply walking? And who knows, maybe I’ll start enjoying my long walks to class.

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