International Delight CoffeeHouse Inspirations

Coffee House Inspirations

OK, so I have a problem. Apparently it is a problem that I share with millions of other people. I have a severe caffeine addiction.  I feed this addiction daily…several times daily, with coffee. However, in addition to the initial problem of addiction, I am also a total coffee snob. Starbucks, Beaners, Carribou, yes please. Stale old coffee that’s been hanging around in that pot for God-knows-how-long? Not a chance. This is where the real issue lies. Starbucks is expensive. Really expensive. I am just a poor, caffeine-deprived, college kid. Budgeting for four Venti Skinny Vanilla Lattes with a triple shot every day is just impractical.

This is where the good people of International Delight come in. I glanced at  this ad in Elle Magazine and, wanting to get to the amazing spread of peep-toe patent pumps on the other side, skipped over it. But then, something amazing happened. Only my need for caffeine could keep me from my desperate need of new pumps. It was really the headline that got me. “Now you can get eight caramel macchiatos for the price of one.” Eight macchiatos for the price of ONE? This is definitely worth investigating. I look further down on the page. “Rich decadent Vanilla Latte.” That’s my drink! I immediately start doing math in my head…$3.60 x 3 x 5 = a number much larger than what it would be if I had this coffee creamer! (Math was never really my thing).

So this ad really appeals to those that are on a budget, and coffee snobs. After really inspecting it, I like the way they use the ceramic coffee cups in a long line- seeming to stretch your dollar when compared to the to-go cup. They also tell you of the variety of tasty flavors available for your coffee-drinking pleasure.

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