Could’ve Had A V-8

Proper nutrition is not something that most college kids can boast about, so when I came across this V-8  ad it really jumped out at me. I’m no gourmet chef, so when faced with the task of trying to cook a balanced meal for myself, boiling a pot of water is sometimes a tad difficult for me. So you can imagine my struggle with trying to include the daily fruit and veggie quota into my busy day.

My hectic schedule is enough to sometimes make me want to jump out of a plane, but according to this ad even if I did just that, I would still be able to get all of my vegetable servings in one convenient beverage.

This ad is effective because it explains that even with a busy schedule, there is always time to find a way to eat healthier. If a 66-year-old man can follow doctor’s orders while simultaneously floating through heights of several thousand feet above ground, don’t you think it would be easy to find the time to be healthy too?

This ad effectively conveys the health benefits of the V-8 juice by saying that if you make the effort to eat healthy now, you will live a long, healthy life of being able to act your age (or your shoe size) down the road.

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