Passion you can taste.

This ad was found at the end of Time magazine. It struck me as a product that I would buy. Being a new found addict since coming to college and having constant hopes of becoming my own personal barista. I have become to love something — coffee. I enjoy the smell of the grounds and the brewing. I enjoy how it looks when stirring in creamer — coffee hurricane. And I also enjoy the taste, and that coffee wakes me up when I need it. I enjoy the warmth.

Since I am a fairly new consumer to the coffee market, I am willing to try out new products and brands so that I can find my own personal taste of warm perfection. Starbucks has a close connection to many coffee drinkers who enjoy their coffee brand, even though it comes with a tall price at the coffee shop.

This ad lets consumers know that they now can make Starbucks coffee. Coffee anyone can buy in the store and make in on their own at home — this ad is selling the idea that consumers can make coffee they love. They can buy this coffee not only from Starbucks locations, but also in the coffee isle at the grocery store.

This ad lets the consumer know that Starbucks understands “passion” for good coffee, and they want to provide this to consumers at home. It does not let you know how awake it will keep you or where they get cocoa beans from. The ad expects you to already have an affinity for the coffee’s greatness, and for the consumer to want a piece of that. The ad has natural warmth to it — similar to the feeling of drinking coffee. It does not clearly display the product, but more so depicts a feeling. A feeling that Starbucks understands that I have a love for coffee, and wants me to make good coffee in my home.

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